Precision Focused

Clinicon Corporation is a medical device company headquartered in Oceanside, California. The Company pioneered the technology for hollow core fibers delivering CO2 laser energy. It developed a family of disposable surgical laser probes and laser fibers, a reusable flexible beam delivery waveguide cable and a surgical handpiece culminating in a minimally invasive surgical system that is revolutionizing the $3.5 billion annual surgical devices market.

Clinicon’s PureBeam™ Minimally Invasive Surgical System is comprised of the SureLase™ a 30 Watt surgical CO2 laser, the SureGuide™ a durable fiber cable beam delivery system, the SureTouch™ a sterilizable surgical handpiece and a variety of disposable rigid SureProbe™ cannulas and disposable flexible SureLight™ fibers.

The Company’s other primary product is the SureBlade™ a Diamond Laser Scalpel, It is the world’s first surgical tool, combining an ultra-sharp diamond blade with the simultaneous delivery of CO2 laser energy through the blade to coagulate incised vessels reducing bleeding in the surgical field. Simultaneous cutting and coagulation with almost no char dramatically enhances surgical outcomes and reduces post operative scarring.