Clinicon Corporation is  focusing on new and innovative products for Minimally Invasive Laser Surgery. These FDA approved products are based on patented Laser-, and Fiber Technology. High precision laser instruments significantly reduce trauma during surgical procedures and enhance their outcomes.

Medical lasers use the principle of Selective Photothermolysis to deliver the appropriate wavelength, at the right energy level and pulse width to the target tissue. Using the appropriate parameters reduces injury to adjacent tissue structures and accelerates healing.

The CO2 Laser is the original “surgical laser” whose effect most resembles the traditional surgical techniques of cutting, ablation and coagulation. In the past, rigid, heavy and cumbersome delivery systems, such as articulating arms, have made it difficult for the surgeon to perform delicate procedures and take advantage of laser precision with concurrent coagulation.

Clinicon’s FDA approved SureLase™ CO2 Laser System has been effectively and safely used in various minimally invasive surgical specialties.

Clinicon has introduced its SureGuide™ CO2 Delivery System to address the limitation of articulated laser arms. It is a rugged titanium clad fiber cable that can be used for years in hundreds of procedures. The core of the cable is a hollow capillary that supports 30+ Watt of laser power and has a transmission efficiency of 70%+! The SureGuide™ does not need cooling and transmits the optimum beam quality in TEMoo.

To ensure almost char free cutting and tissue ablation with minimal necrosis, high laser power density, and short exposure times or pulse lengths are essential. To achieve the highest precision for the most delicate MIS surgical procedure, the laser beam must be propagated in TEMoo, the fundamental Transverse Electromagnetic Mode. TEMoo means that laser energy distribution in the laser spot has a Gaussian geometry or Bell curve.

The SureGuide™ connects to a variety of flexible SureLight™ fibers and rigid or malleable SureProbe™ cannulas.