Clinicon to demonstrate SureLase laser internationally

The Clinicon Corporation will be demonstrating the precision-focused SureLase™ laser, the SureSpot™micromanipulator and the new SureTouch™ universal handpiece. These key components featuring Clinocon’s PureBeam™ technology help produce consistently better outcomes at a lower cost. But beyond costs,  many users praise the maximum visual control, precision and flexibility the system brings to the operating room.

Clinicon Corporation has been a pioneer in CO2 laser energy technology for minimally invasive surgery for over 15 years. This leading edge medical device company has introduced a new generation of SureProbe™ rigid laser cannulas and SureGuide™ flexible laser fibers dedicated to laparoscopic and robotically assisted procedures. All are part of the PureBeam™ delivery system, providing superior surgical precision and visual control, while minimizing trauma and enhancing surgical outcomes.