Clinicon’s PureBeam laser waveguide fiber propagates a TEMoo mode beam that delivers its minimum diameter and maximum power density at approximately 2.5mm from the probe tip.

PureBeam’s Gaussian energy distribution profile creates a smaller, more intense central spot diameter and provides a longer working distance range for clear visualization.


In conventional, multimode, divergent beam technology, laser energy exiting the waveguide fiber forms a cone shaped beam that rapidly increases in diameter with decreasing laser power density.

Infrared camera 3D imaging illustrates the widening or “scattering” effect of the divergent beam technology, compared to the PureBeam’s concentrated spot size and greater energy focus.


The energy distribution in a laser beam is measured in its TEM (transverse electromagnetic mode) TEMoo, that is also called the fundamental mode or a Gaussian mode and is the most effective mode for surgical applications. When a laser producing a TEMoo beam is connected to the Clinicon SureProbe™, the beam parameters are preserved, delivering the highest quality beam for char-free tissue cutting or, in a slightly defocused mode, ablation with minimal post-operative necrosis.

The sharpest scalpel cuts tissue the most efficiently. This axiom is the same for cutting tissue with laser light energy. The most efficient, cleanest cuts are obtained from a sharply focused laser beam with high power density as produced by the Clinicon SureProbe™. When uncompromising post-operative results are required in Minimally Invasive Surgical procedures, the precision and efficacy of the Clinicon SureProbes™ is the best path to success.